All you need is a little space and grace.

Rediscover your courage. Reconnect with wonder and joy. Reclaim your wisdom. Release your grace.

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Are you tired of constantly striving to fix yourself? Are you ready to move beyond unmet expectations and judgment into present moment authenticity and joy?

Have you ever wondered what you could grow into with a little more space and grace? What would you long to create if you knew exactly where you belonged?

This is the space you’ve been looking for. A place where you can feel loved and accepted just as you are. A place where questions are more powerful than answers. A community that will walk alongside you as you journey towards the fullest expression of your radiance.

What’s a circle?

We gather with a shared intention or question.

Our circles are a facilitated small group designed to give you a loving, protected space for self-care, exploration and connection. We bring our exploration to life through our shared voices, movement, witness and creativity. The foundation of our circles is connection through shared perception and expression.

“The invitation [to the women’s circle] was a gift at a time when I was in need of a soul spark…to feel joy, support and connection. It’s hard to overstate how wonderful this group is and the happiness and energy I draw from this amazing group of women.”

–Meghan Hennessy

“As a stay at home mom of 3 children, the need to take care of myself often gets lost. Taking time with other women to reflect on our struggles, intentions, hopes, and so many other important things has enabled me to connect with other people and encouraged me to take care of me.”

–Jennifer Shoemaker

Explore Our Offerings

Meet Yourself.
Sometimes it’s easier to discover your own light in the presence of others who can reflect it back to you. We set the space for you to connect courageously with others and most importantly, yourself.

Follow Your Heart.
Our Heart in Motion Circles focus on the practice of following your heart and soul through attention, awareness, acceptance and awe. These gently guided circles incorporate yoga-inspired movement, guided stillness, written and spoken expression, and tea.

Bathe in Wonder.
Our nature circles focus on connecting you to curiosity, wonder and awe–the birthplace of awareness and wisdom. We start by connecting with each other, then with the land, and return again to sharing our experience with each other.

More information coming soon.

We Speak Love in All Languages

Our goal is to use the common tongue or universal language within our offerings. It is our sincerest intention to remove all language barriers to different religions, backgrounds, beliefs, genders, races, cultures, ages and unspoken truths.

We love questions! Just ask!

Upcoming Circles