when we feel and know better, we do better.

Create room to grow. Plant seeds of potential. Flow towards your center. Breathe in Hope, Breathe out Love.

Become Inspired.

Do you ever leave a workshop or keynote feeling inspired, but struggle to apply or sustain what you learned? Are you tired of sinking in a sea of information, tools, and tricks instead of following your true course? Are you ready to realize that you’re already whole, know your way, and contain everything you need to grow?

It’s not enough to know better. We also have to feel better to do better. That’s why at Lightsong, we offer workshops, presentations, and retreats that inspire you and/or your team with heart based learning–a space where mind, body and emotions unite to create empowered action.

What we learn by heart grows effortlessly in our lives and communities. We create interactive experiences that weed out limitations to transformation, help you reimagine yourself and your communities with new hopeful perspectives, and bless the seeds that already exist to create more empowered and harmonious realities.

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Bless Your Potential.
Our workshops are doorways through which individuals can discover the depths of the treasure they already have within. Find hope in knowing and loving yourself more completely.

Inspiring Hope.
Our speakers inspire by standing on shared ground with honesty and compassion. From here, we co-create a space where the heart of your vision, voice, and goodness can soar to new heights.

Flow Forward.
Progress through transitions with ease through the power of ritual. During our rites of passage, we invite the body and voice to help us move through shared and sacred transformations and bring our intentions to life. We offer:

  • Birth celebrations
  • Opening to Life
  • Coming of age celebrations
  • Transition to motherhood or fatherhood
  • Union with a partner
  • Union with Self
  • Moving from survive to thrive
  • Releasing and healing
  • Celebration of Life

Be Spacious.
Our retreats are the love child of our workshops and circles. Filled with space to open your heart and grace to let our love nourish you. We focus on giving you all the things it takes courage to give yourself - rest, connection, and presence.

Bring Your Unique Vision to Life.

Tell us your goals and we’ll work with you to design a workshop, retreat or presentation specifically for your group or organization.
We will contact you within 48 hours to set up a discovery call.

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