Own Your Song. Become the Songwriter.

“This journey to Self Love and union with Life belongs to ALL of us… Our world needs a lot of people who believe in the inevitable happy ending.”

~Ali Johnson


Our emotions are a sacred bridge in harmony with the melody of the River of Life. Energy meant to move us out of the past-present into the future-present, where all of Life is sacred. Our words and actions, who we become in this world, as well as the situations we attract, are largely dictated by our emotions—the vibrational energy we bring to any situation. In turn, our emotions are a product of our thoughts and belief systems (many of which live in our subconscious or deep consciousness).

We often don’t realize how independent our feelings are from the actuality of our lived, external circumstances. Our feelings are real in our inner experience. However, these emotions can vary a lot in the same external reality, depending on what we’re currently believing about ourselves and others. In this way, emotions become misaligned with the present moment, as they get filtered through a past we haven’t processed. You can think of this unprocessed past like little energy dams that cause emotion to get stuck, and eventually frozen, in our bodies.

Much of our ongoing trauma and suffering results from confusion about whose emotions are whose and who’s responsible for the effects this energy manifests in our external reality (behavior, actions, words, conflicts). The first step is to accept full responsibility. Taking responsibility gives YOU the ability to respond.

When we’re feeling strong emotions, we have a choice. We can: 1) go inward— feel and process, 2) repress— stuff the feeling or talk ourselves out of it, or 3) react and project— act out our inner pain in the outside world. When we choose the first, we heal and transform. We gain wisdom and grow in love and compassion. When we choose the second, we create dis-ease within ourselves. When we choose the third, we create more suffering in the world.

Of course, we all create suffering sometimes, and we need not feel ashamed of that. But accepting responsibility for this and acknowledging the truth of the suffering we’ve created, in our own and other’s lives, allows us to choose differently moving forward.

When we’re experiencing difficult or strong emotions, the invitation is to pause and go inside. Try to get curious and compassionate about what’s happening.

  • What am I thinking or believing?

  • Is that really true in this moment?

  • What happened to me to cause this reaction?

  • Where is the root of this belief living in my body?

  • Can I dance, write, draw or vocalize in a way that moves this energy out of my body safely?

  • What do I need right now?

By taking full responsibility for our own emotions, the thoughts and conditioned beliefs driving them, and the resulting actions and words they produce, we can move out of reaction (to act out the past again) and into our free will to choose a loving response.

Our relationships with others are a reflection of the health, well-being and independence of our own selves. Unless we’re committed to healing and letting the True Self (Love, Consciousness, Christ, Spirit) that lives within everything have control of our lives, we aren’t going to have that epic love on the outside our hearts are longing for.

We’re absolutely capable of that kind of radical love—it’s what we’re made of. We just need to be healthy and flowing inside in order to see and experience it presently. That means this journey to self love and union with Life belongs to ALL of us. We’re all meant for this kind of greatness of Spirit.

Any words or actions still being produced from fear are simply unhealed conditioning or past traumas in the self or collective. We have to be willing to see with compassion and to listen to what these reactions are trying to teach us. Denial and defensiveness literally fence us in. Keep us enslaved. Collective fear (evil, woundedness) wants it this way because it’s still attached to its own suffering. But we remain powerless as long as we’re afraid of learning about the darkness inside that connects us all. Anything we still see as inferior is something we are in fear of, including our own emotions.

In Truth, there is no darkness—only shadows created by us withholding our own loving gaze. All brokenness can be transformed into wholeness, and it’s in fact, what you’re meant to do on earth. Our world needs some Grace, some magic, some hope that we really can heal completely. Our world needs a lot of people who believe in the inevitable happy ending and the sacredness of Life.

All you need to do is be willing to see ALL and love ALL into something beautiful and true. To accept that only you can do this for you. You are your own healer and savior. The True Self (Love, Consciousness, Christ, Spirit) lives in you as the REAL you.

Your body, thoughts, and emotions are parts of the beautiful incarnation of this inherent wholeness, BUT everything about them is meant to keep changing, growing and evolving. Dying and being reborn over and over again in each moment. Not staying stuck in the past or living in a certain future. Your choice to love is the only thing that stays constant.

Release the old wounds, conditioned beliefs, and reactivity of the past. Choose to live the most beautiful version of you in this life on this earth. At this moment. Then, we are capable of epic love for each other.

Ask the divinity within to help you see, hear and transform. Be brave for all of us. The courage you seek lives inside you along with all you need to grow and transform. Lightsong is here to support you and provide the resources that are aligned with what your soul is seeking.

I’ll spoil the end of your journey for you. It’s all the same water. The same energy in motion. One Song. And Love wins.

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