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Our Organization

Lightsong is a 501(c)(3) not for profit corporation that seeks to support individuals and communities create a deep trust and unity within themselves and life. For services, we operate on a pay what you can or sliding scale. Your financial support allows us to raise awareness and increase accessibility to healing practices that dissolve unhealthy cycles, transform limiting beliefs and alleviate suffering in individuals and the collective, leading to greater love, peace and belonging in our world.

In a world that can be messy and painful, we need present moment guidance and encouragement that allows us to move courageously towards compassion, generosity, and love - towards ourselves, others and the Earth.

Allow the great fullness of your heart to be moved by the values, inspiration, vision, and impact of Lightsong, and offer this work the blessing of your support. Your gift matters and your partnership makes an enormous difference. Thank You.