A Space For Joy

through connection and community

Realize your wholeness
Create Deep Relationships
Discover your authentic joy
Fall in love
with your life

Begin Your Journey To Wholeness

Your life is beautiful, and you deserve to feel peaceful. Lightsong provides the encouragement, community, and growth opportunities you've been seeking through workshops, community circles, and resources carefully curated to help you on your journey.


Breathe in hope and love through a workshop, retreat, or speaking engagement.

a Circle

Connect to community and nature in a space where you’re accepted and loved, just as you are.


Navigate confidently with resources designed to support your transformational journey.

“If I had to give Ali a title it would be: Love Thought Leader! She is a true visionary and guiding light

– Jane Thrasher

“Ali is a bright light and intuitive soul. She has a way with others that makes them feel held and free. She shares her hard-won wisdom and presence with others so generously. It is an honor to know her and call her friend.”

– Becca Richards

You Are Welcome

We invite you to remember and reclaim your unique part in this symphony of love and let your voice heal your life and the world.

We are made of...

Light & Song. Hope & Love. Vision & Voice.

At Lightsong we believe we’re innately whole and never alone. We can choose to awaken the hope and love that live inside us, follow our heart’s wisdom, and create lives in harmony with The Present, the holy ground where everyone belongs.

By rebuilding trust in your own heart and the heart of life, we’ll set free your vision and your voice. We need the unique gift only you can give this world!

Harmonious Way of Lightsong

Lightsong is a non-profit designed to light the way to a life in harmony with both the Self and the Collective. We provide practices, teachings, wisdom communities, and one to one mentorship intended to guide seekers through a path of deep listening and conscious transformation to their most joyful, connected, and love-filled life. We help individuals and groups reclaim their inherent wholeness and remember their gifts and innate well-being.

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